About me and this blog

If you’re reading this then you have probably followed a link I posted and already know who I am. But for those that may find themselves on this blog as the result of a search, or WordPress blog suggestion my name is Shaun Pittman. I just turned 36 years old and am finally taking the first steps in my lifelong recurring desire to write. I currently work as a deed specialist for Title Source Inc., a Quicken Loans company.  I am enrolled at Colorado Technical University studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Data Management.  For the better part of 17 years before that I was a professional cook, or chef if you will although I don’t claim to have near the knowledge or ability that most professional chefs have.  I have also been performing in community theater productions for more than half of my life, and it is through theater that I met the amazing woman I have been fortunate enough to call my wife for the past nine years.

I mention my desire to write as a recurring desire because since childhood it creeps up on me every few years. One of the first things I said I wanted to be when I grew up was a writer. When it creeps  up on me what I usually do is start reading writing magazines and studying the craft for a little bit, and then never actually writing anything, even though I always have different ideas floating around in my head.  Self confidence gets in the way, as I was always a straight C student in English I never feel I have the proper grammar or language skills to successfully write.

So here I am 36 years old and the desire has crept up on me once again, but this time I have decided to do something about it.  I have created a blog.  Here I will write about random things that I am thinking about during the course of a day. I will write reviews for television shows, movies, books, and maybe even music.  Some things I review may be current, others may be years old but I have just seen or read them for the first time, or just feel compelled to write about something I watched years ago but I wasn’t doing a blog then.  The main purpose is to get me writing, and maybe at some point down the road, if this seems to be going well, I might start posting small pieces of fiction.

Please feel free to comment on posts and let me know that there are people out there reading and maybe even following this.


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